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“This story made me cry and laugh…full of funny bits,and made me quite jealous that I cant speak pony !..you have to read it to find out what that is all about..A moving story about a tiny Shetland pony and its life..A true story and educational..all children should learn at an early age about regard for all life forms. Dont miss the chance to share this with your children and Pickles will never be forgotten his mission has just begun !”

“A beautifully crafted book for children or adults in touch with their inner child”

“This wee book will make you lol, it will make you cry as this wee pony lives its short life. It is a must for all horse/pony lovers to read. It will help kids understand how ponies feel when thay are not loved and when they are loved but the best thing is all the money from this book is to help rescues like Pickles. A lovely read.”

“This awesome sad yet happy ended story was very exciting and interesting when you are reading a diary of a poorly pony. Great for horse and pony lovers like myself and makes you want to adopt every poorly horse and pony in the world.”

 “Wonderfully imaginative short story based on a real rescue pony.  A great read to instill empathy for animals in children and adults alike. Have the tissues handy!”
“Lovely short story which made me smile and cry. Cant wait on the next story. Keep up the good work.”
“A beautifully told story about a little rescue pony with a big heart, for children and adults alike.”

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